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 Unrestored Project Cars - Muscle Car Project Cars

This website is for the many car enthusiasts, collectors, and racers. The goal for unrestoredprojectcars.com is to provide information to everyone who enjoys classic cars, muscle cars, rat rods and car related events. Please check back with us over the next few months as we grow and develop this exciting site. We will be featuring many categories and information about cars.

When it comes to cars, they are a passion for many individual of all ages.  From young to old everyone enjoys looking at cars, some prefer new off the production line cars. There are also those who enjoy the classic cars whether for the reason of having owned one in the younger years, those who enjoy the hobby of restoring and driving older cars, and some just admire the beauty and styling from cars of the past. Classic cars have always been in style since the first car was produced.

Collector cars come in many forms ranging from restored and show ready, to project cars needing restoration. Collectors come from all income ranges and skill levels some like to buy a ready to drive car, others like to find project cars and build them to meet their individual taste. If you don't want to purchase a finished car there is the option of buying an unrestored or project car. Some people like to return a car to its original state, while others like to customize them with all sorts of modifications. No matter what the intended purpose of the finished car, many of them start out as an unrestored project car.

Unrestored Classic Cars - Classic Car Project Cars

In recent years the collector car market has grown while the supply of cars has shrank. The supply and demand for these cars has driven the prices higher and higher. There are many car enthusiasts who want to own a piece of the past and enjoy driving or collecting a part of history. The market for perfect original cars and correct restored cars is thriving and growing. Fewer original cars are left with each passing year, combined with rising prices it is becoming harder to own a true all original car. Many car collectors like to purchase a car to restore with their own hands, or have restored to like original condition by an expert. They can take pride in owning a  classic car restored to original specs, a street or show car, or daily driver. Buying a diamond in the rough and returning it to excellent condition gives a car owner a true sense of accomplishment.

Unrestored Cars - Project Cars

 An unrestored  or project car has been sought after and dreamed about by many people. The opportunity to own a classic car, build a drag car, street car or show car is sought after by thousands of people. An affordable way to enter into this hobby is to buy a project car that needs work. It might only need a few details to finish the car, or you may find a car needing completely refurbished. Different people have different ideas and skill levels and apply these when making decisions about what to purchase. The intended purpose of the car plays a huge role in what type of condition a project car may be in when it is purchased. Some cars may be driveable, while others may not have been on the road in more than 20 years. They are in all conditions needing mechanical work, body and paint work, interior work or a combination of all. They can be restored back to original specs or built as the owner desires with personal touches and performance upgrades. Building a car from scratch allows for alot of choices and options for the owner to enjoy and take pride in the finished product.

Muscle Car Information - Classic Car Information

Unrestored project cars is also an informative site which will work towards providing information about muscle cars, classic cars, and rat rods. There are so many makes and models of vehicles it is impossible to keep up or learn everything you need from one information source. In addition to particular model information car club information, car event information such as car shows, swap meets, drag races and other car related events maybe included.